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Greetings fellow Fearless

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1 Greetings fellow Fearless on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:14 pm

hello all my name is Nextactus, shortened in game to Nex, and thought i would go ahead and introduce myself.

So a little bit about me...lets see. I'm 32 yrs old, from the U.S.(bef Arkansas to more specific), I'm an Executive Chef and have been cooking since I was 3 years old. As for gaming, well i started my computer gaming career on a Tandy 1000 computer when I was 6 years and been playing table top(mostly D&D but there have been others) for almost just as long. List of MMO's i have played is longer than...ummm...I am tall...yea thats it. Started in UO,went to EQ, Jumpgate, Daoc, Ryzom, SWG, EVE, Vanguard, Lotro, DDO, STO, 9D GW2, Diablo all 3(yes i know not technically mmos), RoM, CoH, Aion, Rift, and more of the newer F2P titles than i care to mention.

Any way hoping to have a lot of fun with you all and hopefully get over the learning curve cliff this game has(hey I did it in EVE I can do it here lol). Im always down for instances, and any group related fun and a lot of the time will help out with TP even if im at 100% fatigue allready. So yea hit me up if you want to farm some instances i will 99% of the time say sure lets go.

Peace and profits

p.s. if its not minded in me asking why are we using 2 different places for website and forums?...wouldnt it just be easier to have a enjin site or even guild launch? (much prefer enjin lol). any way just a question lol

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