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Guild War Guide

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1 Guild War Guide on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:46 pm


Guild War in Age of Wushu can be difficult to understand. This guide will shed some light on what to do during Age of Wushu Guild War.

The Basics

Let’s talk first about the different sides. There are two sides in guild war, the attackers and the defenders. The attackers are the guild that declares war on the other and is trying to takeover their opponent’s territory, while the defenders are the ones who accept the war declaration and are trying to defend the territory they have. The attacking guild’s main job is to complete all of the objectives listed in the Guild War Task Bar in the 1 hour and 20 minute time limit, while the Defenders job is to stop them and run the time out. If you look below you can see the list of all the things you need to do if you’re on the attacking side of the guild war. All the defenders need to do is stall, so winning a war is always much harder for the attacking side then the defending side:

Complete Objectives First, Always Fight Last

Now your probably wondering what all those objectives are and how to do them. We’ll get to that in a moment but before that I’d really like to stress this because it’s extremely important. GUILD WAR IS REALLY AN INSTANCE!! Lots of people go into wars thinking it’s about the fighting and killing tons of players. THAT’S WRONG! PKING THE OTHER SIDE DOES NOTHING TO DIRECTLY HELP WIN! The only way for the attackers to win the guild war is to complete the objectives in the 1 hour and 20 minute time limit. What’s the point? All fighting in guild war is really just stalling.

The defending side would love it if the attacking side would spend their whole time fighting them. If they do, there’s no way they’ll complete all the tasks before the timer runs out. Remember, guild war is always harder for the attacker then the defender. The fighting matters little to nothing at all for the attacker, so they should always be trying to avoid fighting by using movement skills like jump across the clouds, step on high ladder, and wild goose step to get past their opponents and the npc guards. Guild Defenders are looking to engage in more fighting, not because it helps to win, but to stall!! They know attackers have a time limit, and if they can slow them down, they won’t complete all the tasks.

Now that we know the differences between attacking and defending, and how attackers should try to avoid fighting both the other guild and their npc guards all the time, let’s talk about what they should be doing instead of fighting. Like stated before, Guild War in Age of Wushu is an instance, and you have objectives to complete.

Burn Buildings: All
Destroy Beam Columns: 4/4
Destroy Stone Lions: 3/3
Kidnap Maids: 14/14
The North Gate: Closed
The West Gate: Closed
The South Gate: Closed
The East Gate: Closed
Throne: Intact

So how do you do all these tasks? Lets go through them one by one.

Burning Buildings

Members of the attacking guild can burn their opponents buildings by using torches. Everyone needs to buy a ton of torches before war. You can get them from the Surprise Attack Guild Admin. How much are they? The best ones are 20 Liang bound ea, and you should only buy the best. The price may not seem like that much but since you can only spend 360L bound per day, it can actually get pretty expensive.

If you’re on the poorer side and want to buy using only bound, the best method is to buy several over a long period, like 10 per day for 10 days. However, you’re probably going to need to spend taels if you want to get a lot right before a guild war. Every person should have at least 50 in their inventory before war. Also remember the torch is a task item so it’s placed in your task bag, not your regular items bag (task bag is the slot on the right side of your inventory).

To burn a building just stand right in front of it and right click your torch. Then you’ll start doing the throwing motion. Make sure your close enough to the building. Also the more you throw the faster the building burns, so throw them over and over again. In guild war you want to burn all the buildings down. The main buildings to burn are the council hall, the main hall, the treasury, and the library. The map will show what buildings are burning or intact. The ones flashing red are on fire while the ones that are green are intact. Make sure to target all the green intact buildings!

Destroy the 4 Beam Columns

So there are 4 beams that are at the corners of each area of the base. The top left, the top right, the bottom left, and the bottom right. Unfortunately, they don’t show up on the map but if you go to the regions of the base that there at, you can’t miss them. You destroy them by simply attacking them. The guarding side will most likely try to use Area of Enemy Users in the area to scare people out. This is a very important thing to remember. IT’S BETTER TO DIE ATTACKING THEN TO STAY ALIVE WHILE NOT ATTACKING! Yeah, I know sounds like I’m just trying to tell people to be courageous, but there’s more to it than that. If you back up, most likely the rest of the group will to and like stated before, all guild war fighting is really just stalling. If you back away while attacking, you’ll stop doing damage and the beam will stay intact. While if you just keep attacking until you die, you’ll keep inflicting damage on the beam which will eventually make it break!

Also players get instantly revived in Guild War! You just respawn right in front of the base fully healed! So it’s ALWAYS better to die doing as much damage as you can to the BEAM (not the other guild) then it is to back away and make the group slow down. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have time to sit in a corner and heal then do that but remember, GUILD WAR IS AN INSTANCE, the main goal is to complete all the goals, not fight the other players or npcs. ALWAYS avoid fighting as much as you can, and try to complete a goal like destroying the columns. The last thing that should be noted is that the columns should always be attacked before the stone lions, because they weaken the lions; another thing the attacking guild needs to destroy.

Destroy the 3 Stone Lions

So before attacking the stone lions, the columns should already be destroyed so that there easier to break. The stone lions are very similar to how the stone beams are in that they need to be attacked to be destroyed. Each stone lion is located in front of a building. Unfortunately they don’t show up on the map either. The left one is in front of the first building on the left side of the base. The second stone lion is located at the first building on the right side of the base. The final one is located in front of the main hall which is the big building in the back.

Like the Beams, the attacking side needs to attack without backing up to kill the lion. However, they have more hp and they regenerate hp! That’s why when attacking stone lions you really have to push at it! If not the attacking side won’t be able to do damage fast enough to kill it. All the attacking sides forces should start attacking them one by one. But it needs to be done together, all the members of the attacking side need to attack one stone lion at the same time. That way there will be to many members for the defending side to stop and the stone lion also won’t recover fast enough. Once again, ALWAYS BE WILLING TO DIE OVER STOPPING AN ATTACK BY BACKING UP!!! Damage output is the most important thing. Our goal isn’t to attack the players or guard npcs, but to attack the stone lion itself!

Kidnapping Maids

So any attacking guild needs to kidnap 14 of the defending side’s maids. You can do it by attking the maid npc until it’s at 0 hp, and then just selecting the option to kidnap by clicking on the npc and then right clicking its portrait. After choosing Kidnap, you should then run with the maid until you get outside to the stables in front of the base. If you get her to the stables then the stagecoach will take her and the job is done. Players on the opposing side can attack you to stop the kidnapping, and you have reduced speed while kidnapping maids.

Claiming the 4 Teleport Gates

So in the objective’s list you see 4 items. North Gate, South Gate, East Gate, and West Gate closed. These are teleports to the underground part of the guild base (they look exactly the teleports used to enter another town, scene, etc.). First thing you’re probably thinking Is what underground part? During guild wars, a special underground area is added to the territory grounds. This area is where the throne is, something that will need to claimed to finally win. Getting to the throne is always the last part of guild war, so we’re getting a little ahead of things. The throne is always underground and a room is selected by the defending guild leader at the start of the war. So the attacking side has to get down there so they can find it. See where this is going? The teleport gates are the only way to get down to the underground part of base. However, the attacking side can’t use the teleport gates until there opened. So how do you open them? Burn down the building adjacent to where the gate is. Then the teleport will be usable for the attacking guild. Now it can get confusing as to what buildings need to be burned to open the gates, so the better policy is to burn all buildings. Why? Usually the enemy will try to put out all the fires rather than just the ones that allow the teleport gates to open. Which means the attacking side will have more time to get through the gates and get to the throne. The gates are located in 4 different areas; however, only 3 can be used by the attacking side once buildings are burned. The Mail Hall, the Treasury, the Righteous Gathering area, and the Cool Pavilion (refer to maps). The cool pavilion can’t be taken no matter what buildings are burned, but the others are fair game. So make sure your throwing torches on every building you see.

The Throne

The single most important objective that all the others having been leading up to is claiming the throne! After successfully doing everything else, then should all the members charge to the teleport points. The Main Hall is usually pretty well guarded by the defenders but if you go to the Treasury there will usually be less protection. Everyone should try going through the same point because it will be harder to prevent people from using the teleport gate. Once you’re down In the underground part of the base the search begins! The throne is in one of the four rooms and you have to find it and claim it before any enemy can pk you and stop you. All the members of the attacking side should split up into a 50/50 force here, one group going left and the other going right. This way you can cover more ground and find the throne faster. Once the throne is claimed if all the other objectives are done then congratulations, you just won the war!

Additional Facts

There are a couple of things that you should do both before war and after.

Things to Get Before War: Make sure you’re fully stocked on heals, food buffs, poison buffs, prayers, and torches. All we’ll be need to successfully win. Also the best kind of buffs and poisons to get, are the ones that increase your external defense extremely high, since you’ll be just taking dmg all the time so you can complete the goals rather than stop to fight.

Things to Remembers During the War: When in doubt, follow your team leader or at the very least another of your own guild. Completely lost and don’t know what to do? Just go to where you see 100 of your members gathering at. Their probably completing an objective so just copy what there doing. Also there is an item called the Cloud Gathering Arrow. Only a guild leader of the attacking side can use it. Basically its like a flare and it signals right above the place its used. If you see one of those go up then come to that spot, that’s the leader signaling all the members to come there. Also you should be using team chats to communicate with your group. However, your guild leader will make announcements using guild chat and on-screen announcements. Make sure to pay attention to those since there orders on what the attacking side should do at that moment. A good policy for any guild member to have during war is to use team chat, but to check guild chat once every 5 minutes to see if the leader put up any new announcements. However, don’t post in guild chat because that will cause flooding and the leader needs that chat open to make announcements.

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2 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:26 am

Awesome guide, that clears up pretty much all of my questions. However, I do have a couple:

1. What are the benefits to the winning guild and detriments to the losing guild?

2. Should everyone participating plan on being in RaidCall? In my opinion, it is very under utilized, and could help coordinate attack and defense teams immensely.

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3 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:15 am

Great guide! Hopefully this will make us more organized and focused. WE STAND FEARLESS!!!

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4 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:25 am


XunSheng wrote:Awesome guide, that clears up pretty much all of my questions. However, I do have a couple:

1. What are the benefits to the winning guild and detriments to the losing guild?

2. Should everyone participating plan on being in RaidCall? In my opinion, it is very under utilized, and could help coordinate attack and defense teams immensely.

1. If you win a war you can take your enemies base if the leader wants it. Though sometimes you have to win 2 or 3 wars depending on how big the base is (lucky we should only have to win one to take HuaXia's). The down side is if you got declared on and you lost you will either lose you base or lose it after another war loss. Unless the leader doesn't want your base.

2. YES! Raidcall should be used by more of our members. We have 300 members but less then 30 on Raidcall! Its a great way to communicate during war and is much easier for me to make announcments on then guild chat. However, make sure your still checking guild chat every 5 minutes and then switching back to team chat. I'll put orders up in guild chat for all the non-Raidcall users. Though everyone should be using raidcall. just send in an application. Our Raidcall group number is 6042637.

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5 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:36 am

Awesome post.

I would like to see our more active people trying to engage our quieter less interactive members. At any given time we have a ton of people online and only a fraction of our members are active in guild quests/teams and raid call.

I'll try getting some new people involved later today as the start of the Guild War approaches. I'd recommend everyone contact 1 or 2 people we haven't seen active in groups to get them involved more actively with us. Very Happy

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6 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:14 pm

Awesome Guide! Thanks!

My question is: Is there any communication with the other guildleader? (Warleader) Becouse in the last war it looks for me that we can fight them better when we get them into sandwich position. One Guild rush throw the maingate to the lion and one from the side way to the lion. when we keep pushing all way it seems they can defen us more easier.

Sorry for the bad english, i hope you undertand what im talking about Wink

Greetings Mampy

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7 Re: Guild War Guide on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:51 pm

Guys, in addition to reading this post, a few folks were talking about setting up a practice drill to familiarize people with the location of the buildings and other objectives. Since the layouts are the same, this can be done at oir base with no danger. Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone was on early, they could keep an eye out.

Also, be sure to pay close attention to Jet and the other commanders in Guild and Team. Effective communication is essential when you have so many people doing so many different things at once. Above all, be patient with them, it takes a lot to maintain focus on 10 things at the same time and communicate. Keeping guild channel chatter to a minimum during form up and the war will help them quite a bit.

I hope I can make it, my fiance is ill though, so we will see.

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