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Hello to all

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1 Hello to all on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:02 pm

Hi guildies,

My name is Tom, I'm 31, retired with way to much time on my hands, I breed various types of animals as a hobby (rabbits, birds and dogs), planning on moving this year to setup small farm. I'm in the US living in Texas.

The game is a blast so far, enjoying it immensely. If anyone ever needs someone to help out with something hit me up I'll always be around.

I've seen a few people ask about the website and make suggestions, I would recommend enjin; it really is the best option out there for ease of use. I'm very familiar with the site and can help set something up if the guild leaders would like my help (I really have too much free time so I enjoy having something to do). I know we have a guild vent and it's 400 slot, if someone is paying for it I do have the ability to run a 1k user server from my house.

I also know a few people have ping issues with the game; I'd recommend disabling nagling if you know how to do so through regedit. You could also try a tunneling service but I don't know how snail handles those.

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